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Filling machine three major faults and what are the measures to solve them?

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      Filling machine three major faults and what are the measures to solve them?


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  First, the filling process filling volume is incorrect or not discharged.


  1、Speed, throttle valve, and said filling interval throttle valve closed, throttle valve can not be closed ;


  2、whether there is a foreign body inside the fast-loading three-way valve, if so, please clean, the fast-loading three-way valve and filling head whether there is air inside the hose, if there is air, you can reduce or eliminate the air ;


  3、Are all the seals damaged, if so, please replace them with new ones;


  4、Filling nozzle valve core whether there is a card or delayed open disc plug phenomenon, if there is any card, to install the valve core good for delayed open, need to adjust the thin cylinder throttle;


  5、Snap-in compression spring elasticity up and down in the three-way valve, adjust the spring elasticity, elasticity is too large, will not open the one-way valve ;


  6、To see if the filling speed is too fast, adjust the filling speed throttle valve to reduce the filling speed;


  7、All the snap rings, and hose seal were checked and corrected;


  8、The magnetic switch is loose, please lock the number of each adjustment.


  Second, the lubricating oil-filling machine cylinder does not work for several reasons.


  1、Whether the fuse is burned, such burns, please replace the new one;


  2、The emergency stop switch is pressed when the rotary emergency stop switch, returns to the original position;


  3、Is stuck on the surface of the filling spool of the filling head when the spool is packed in a good position;


  4、The gas source and power switch are turned on to the electricity and natural gas switch;


  5、The two magnetic switches are intact, if there is any damage, please replace them with a new one;


  6、Measure whether the requirements are met, there is no air in the machine, please visit the source and determine the pressure to meet the requirements;


  9、Fix the position of the magnetic switch, the magnetic switch must be fixed in the cylinder of the cylinder working position of the back, can not move.


  Third, from the cylinder end after the material liquid filling machine materials.


  1、Either in the cylinder holder material in the center of the material cylinder, or the material cylinder, if there are any changes, please reinstall the position;


  2、Material cylinder piston and the piston rod are tight, please lock any loose ;


  3、The material cylinder piston O-ring seal is damaged, please replace the damage.


  Fourth, in a lubricating oil-filling machine, it is expected that the cylinder piston can not return to after pushing for several reasons.


  When the position of the flow of the magnetic switch is, press the emergency stop switch to adjust the flow of the magnetic switch.