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Large mineral water filling machine sealing ring replacement steps

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in line with the "natural, healthy, pollution-free, green" market consumption trends, large mineral water filling machines healthy mineral water, is bound to become people's choice. Natural mineral water will also become the leading producer of people's drinking water. The development of bottled water market changes led to the rapid rise of the automatic pure water filling machine market, in the industry bringing opportunities while also bringing competition and challenges.


Large mineral water filling machine using the cap system, with perfect feeding cap technology and protection devices. An overload protection device can effectively protect the machine equipment and operators. It is suitable for the production of various aerated beverage fillings. After simple adjustment of some parts, it adopts isobaric filling technology, which makes the filling more rapid, stable, and accurate, and the equipment is equipped with a perfect reflux system, which also avoids secondary pollution and oxidation of beverage. The parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, which is hygienic and easy to clean. The bottle inlet wheel adopts the innovative design of the bottle mouth clamping mechanism with a bottle dividing function, eliminating the bottle inlet screw and conveying chain, replacing the bottle shape without replacing and adjusting any parts.



  Let's understand the following steps to replace the seal of the large mineral water filling machine, I hope to help you: 1.


  1、Loosen the cylinder and the cylinder in the shaft coupling nut, and the connecting rod unloaded.


  2、 Loosen the four fixed bolts of the cylinder to remove the cylinder.


  3、Propose the piston inside the cylinder and fix it on the vise.


  4、Take off the old seal with a flat screwdriver.


  5、Use boiling water to scald the new seal, pry it into the slot according to the direction of the seal, do not install it backward, and be careful not to damage the seal and the piston.


  6、Use a flat screwdriver to embed the piston into the cylinder, embedded by one person to press the piston rod, one person with a flat screwdriver flat pressure seal into the cylinder, pay attention not to damage the seal and the cylinder surface.


  7、And then according to the original disassembly order to install the cylinder, tighten the coupling nut can be.