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Timely barrel filling machine to solve these problems in order to do the follow-up work

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Timely barrel filling machine to solve these problems in order to do the follow-up work

Barrel filling machine is an automated, high-efficiency, high-quality filling equipment, very important in the entire packaging machine market, then the equipment in use is if there is a problem without timely processing, the loss brought to the enterprise is also obvious, the following for the partners to introduce the filling machine is how to deal with the following kinds of problems:


First, the filling volume is not allowed: when filling large specifications, the tank replenishment is not enough, resulting in unstable liquid level, you can increase the replenishment volume or re-close the small filling head above the ball valve, reset the filling time (longer filling time) to slow down the filling speed to solve; fast-filling three-way control valve and filling head of the skin tube whether there is air, if there is air, try to reduce or eliminate the air.

Second, after adjusting the digital dial code or unit, the time does not change, then turn off the power to reconnect the power.

Third, the liquid level is stable, the filling volume is not accurate: there are debris blocking the filling channel, mainly in the entrance of the trough or in the filling nozzle, check and clean up.

Fourth, there are dripping after closing.

  1, filling mouth orifice damage, can take out the filling mouth to fix the orifice, the diameter of the orifice can not be greater than 7.5mm. after repairing the aperture in the water abrasive sandpaper gently grinding flat orifice plane can be.

  2, barrel filling machine filling head ball valve damage, need to replace the ball valve.

Five, after touching the filling switch does not fill the material, time relay digital indication LED does not flash: the filling switch is damaged or the time relay base is loose, replace the same type of filling switch or press the time relay base.

Six, after touching the injection switch, time relay digital LED indicator flashing, but not filling: first check whether there is air pressure or air pressure is too low, such as air pressure to meet the requirements (4-6Kg/cm2), may be damaged solenoid valve coil or pneumatic spool is stuck by debris, you can unplug the power, open the board, with the object rotate or press the button next to the corresponding solenoid valve coil, such as The valve can be reversed action, that is, the solenoid valve coil damage, such as can not be reversed, the valve spool is stuck, can replace the solenoid valve coil or decomposition of the valve to repair (need electricians or general knowledge of pneumatics can be decomposed or checked).

Seven, check valve will not open; barrel filling machine to adjust the elasticity of the upper and lower compression spiral spring within the quick release three-way control valve, adjust the spring force, too much elasticity check valve will not open.

Eight, the action has deviations; magnetic switch is loose, each time the amount of adjustment, please lock tight.