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Glass bottle juice beverage filling machine routine maintenance work introduction

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The glass bottle juice drink filling machine is a rotary structure, fully automatic within and out bottle paddle wheel and semi-automatic manual up and down the bottle. This machine adopts the principle of gravity, filling valve quantitative filling when working the liquid will fill the filling valve, the bottle holder against the bottle to be filled rises, then close the upper filling valve, open the lower filling valve, liquid from the lower filling valve into the bottle to achieve the purpose of filling. The molds all have uniform temperature guides when blowing bottles, and the bottles coming out are beautiful and neat with good edge fit. The blowing machine adopts automatic control, and the instruction precisely executes the operation of each part. Control systems are imported motors, equipment quality, and stability.


  Today we will learn about the daily maintenance of glass bottle juice beverage filling machine:.


  1, The motor needs to be replaced regularly with lubricant.


  2, Daily shutdown after the timely cleaning of residual materials, good cleaning and sanitation work to keep the surface of the machine clean, by paying attention to keeping the electrical control cabinet inside clean. Cleaning motor and line parts need to be kept dry and wipe clean with a rag.


  3, The sensor is a high-precision, high-sealing, high-sensitivity device, impact, and overload are strictly prohibited, the work process shall not touch, and non-overhaul needs are not allowed to disassemble.


  4, the operation is strictly prohibited to move, collision, need to be careful not to collide with the original machine when moving.


  5, Long-term stop use to empty the pipeline material. Long-term stop use is better to clean and dry the inside of the machine outside the box after preservation.


  6, Every day before starting the machine check the pneumatic combination of two parts of the moisture considerer and oil mist, such as excessive water should be promptly removed, the oil surface is not enough to fill the lubricant in a timely manner, generally, every six months need to refill the lubricant, the specific operation depends on the situation.


  7, Check whether the equipment grounding wire contact is solid, check whether the pneumatic pipeline is leaking, whether the air pressure is stable, and whether the motor chain is appropriate.


  8, To frequently observe the mechanical parts, to see whether its operation is normal, lifting, turning whether there are abnormalities, and often check the machine screws, generally every week for the screws to twist tightening reinforcement.