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The raw water purification process of mineral water

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Mineral water is very common in our lives, especially in the current fast-paced era, more and more young people, and office workers like fast food, drinking water is also like mineral water, such water is filtered, safer and healthier.


Mineral water contains many trace elements beneficial to the human body, the purpose of the configuration of water treatment is to remove impurities, microorganisms, particles, bacteria, and other harmful substances in mineral water, retaining the mineral elements. The mineral water treatment process is relatively complex, although it seems to be a bottle or a bucket of mineral water is not so impressive, it needs to go through several steps to get, of which the original water filtration link is a very important link, Is this link and how? Let's learn about it!


Raw water purification process: the original water is through the multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, quartz sand filter, precision filter, sodium ion filter, and RO reverse osmosis filter after a series of treatments, remove most of the microorganisms and impurities in the water, but there are still some microorganisms will remain in the water, in order to ensure the quality and health of the product, the water should be sterilized. At present, the mainstream water sterilization system is mainly ozone, through the ozone generator can achieve: deodorization, sterilization, odor decolorization, manganese removal, iron removal, removal of microbial organisms, etc., and ozone as a disinfectant is selective. Penicillium, green mold, etc. are resistant to ozone and need a longer time to kill, so you can consider adding Cl₂ when using alone. The effect of ozone sterilization mainly depends on the amount of ozone content in the water.