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Pure water barrel production line before use to do a good job of commissioning

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Pure water is one of our daily drinking water, known to everyone, but do you know how pure water is formed? In fact, pure water mainly relies on pure water equipment to make, and pure water equipment is the main equipment for the production of pure water in the use process there will be some attention that needs to be carefully fulfilled. For first-time users of pure water equipment, pure water equipment after the completion of the installation of the initial commissioning session is very important, new users should be how to commission pure water equipment. Let's learn together about the commissioning steps of the pure water barrel production line.


  1, the device's water inlet analysis and testing, when the results meet the water requirements, the device can be water commissioning.

  2、Adjust the pressure control system of the high-pressure pump.

  3、Check whether there is a perfect connection between all the pipelines of the device, whether the pressure gauge is complete, whether the low-pressure pipeline connection is tight and whether there is any shortage.

  4、Open the pressure gauge switch and the concentrated water discharge valve, the total water inlet valve and the produced water discharge valve.

  5、Start the pretreatment equipment and adjust the water supply to be larger than the total water intake of the device.

  6、Wash and backwash the quartz sand and activated carbon filter until the water comes out clean and bright.

  7、Start the high-pressure pump and slowly open the total water inlet valve of the device, control the total water inlet pressure of the device to less than 0.5Mpa, after flushing for 5 minutes, check whether the high and low-pressure pipelines and instruments are in a normal state.

  8, adjust the water inlet valve, and thick water discharge valve so that the inlet pressure reaches 1.0 ~ 1.4Mpa.

  9、Test the product water conductivity, open the product water valve when it meets the requirements, and close the water discharge valve.

  10、Commissioning of the RO device is a manual single-step operation, after the normal operation, before you can switch to an automatic state, by the online instrumentation and PLC automatic control operation.

  11, start the regeneration system to see if the regeneration system is working properly.

  12, open the pure water equipment into the water switch, start the raw water pump, water inlet solenoid valve, and raw water pump running at the same time, and the water through the raw water pump into the pretreatment water system.

  13, after 5 seconds, open the first level of the water switch, start a high-pressure pump, the indicator light above the switch, a high-pressure pump running, a reverse osmosis membrane began to produce water.

  14, after 3 seconds, open the secondary water switch, and start the second high-pressure pump, the light above the switch is on, the secondary high-pressure pump running, and the secondary reverse osmosis membrane began to produce water, and water into the pure water tank.

  Remember to close the water valve and open the high-pressure pump, which will cause great damage to the pure water equipment, so the commissioning must pay attention to whether the pipeline is in the same state to start the pump.