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The main technical characteristics and development trend of tea beverage filling machine

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A tea beverage filling machine is used for hot filling production of juice, tea drinks, and other products. The machine integrates bottle punching, filling, and sealing into one, with scientific and reasonable design, compact and beautiful appearance, and easy operation, which is the production equipment for hot-filling beverages.



  Features of tea beverage filling machine.


  1、High precision: average error ±1.5ml when the calibrated capacity is 500mm.


  2、High speed: 250-300 bottles per valve/hour with step-less variable speed.


  3、Large capacity: the filling volume can be adjusted steplessly between 150-800ml at will.


  4、Large range: it can be applied to many kinds of shaped bottles, and it is convenient and quick to adjust the bottle type for replacement.


  5、No liquid loss: bottle mouth closed filling, liquid sprayed against the inner wall of the bottle, no hops, no spillage.


  6、No bottle breakage: with the elastic bottle-holding device, not limited by bottle height and height, the bottle is not in place, no bottle breakage, no damage to the machine.


  7、Automatic protection: There is an overload clutch protection device at the inlet and outlet bottle paddle wheel, which will automatically stop and alarm in case of abnormality.


  8、Self-controlled liquid level: The liquid level control adopts a float level control device to control the stable liquid level.


  9、Electric adjustment: Electric synchronous continuous step-less adjustment of quantitative, LCD digital display accurate display. 10、Soft start: When the machine is turned on, the machine slowly rises from low speed to the set multiplier speed, without rigid impulse, so it will not break the bottle and hurt the machine. Automatic filling equipment type automatic liquid filling machine is composed of filling, on the inner cork, pressing the inner cork, on the outer cap, screwing the outer cap, PLC control, and other major parts.


  The development trend of tea beverage filling machines is as follows


  (1) high speed, high quality, high precision, to large-scale development in order to meet the needs of the beverage industry large production, in order to obtain the best economic benefits, beverage equipment is increasingly tending to large-scale. Such as carbonated beverage filling equipment filling speed of up to 2000 cans/min, non-carbonated beverage equipment filling valve head number of 50-100, filling speed of up to 1500 cans/min.


  (2) Equipment multi-functional multi-purpose, adapts to a variety of liquids, a variety of bottle filling and sealing. It can carry out the hot filling of many kinds of beverages such as tea drinks, coffee drinks, soy milk drinks, and juice drinks, as well as filling glass bottles and polyester bottles.


  (3) Mechatronics This is the most important trend in the development of current beverage machinery. Programmable controllers are commonly used in the control system of beverage machinery, large equipment using computer control, fault self-diagnosis, signal display, and the realization of intelligence.


  The technical content of the production equipment is high, high reliability, high level of self-control of the right production line, and high efficiency of authority. The online testing device and measuring device are complete, and can automatically detect each parameter and measure accurately. Set of machine, electricity, gas, light, and magnetic as one the high-tech products continue to emerge.