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How to Deal with the Breakage of Hot Melt Labeling Machine?

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Hot melt glue labeling machines play an important role in the commodity market. Labeled products can give people a sense of security, and at the same time, the aesthetics of the products are higher. However, some labeling machines are damaged during the labeling process, which not only affects the perfect visual effect of the product, but also reduces the grade of the product. Why does the labeling machine break? How can we avoid this problem?

In practical applications, almost every hot melt equipment manufacturer has similar problems. Before the tube is filled, it is labeled, and after filling, it is filled and sealed. The heating during the sealing process is particularly severe for the label, and the label is far from the bottom. The closer you are, the more likely it is to be warped.

There are many solutions to the problem of labeling machine damage as follows:

First, avoiding breakage can start with labels. As far as possible, choose a label material with higher flexibility. Some damage problems are mainly due to the poor choice of label materials and poor ductility, which can easily be warped once the hot glue labeling machine processes them. In addition, the problem of breakage can be improved by changing the shape of the label. Make the bottom of the label arc-shaped, and try to avoid the deformation area of the end seal. Of course, the arc cannot be opened too deep, otherwise the label itself will easily cause wrinkles and increase unnecessary trouble. For the special-shaped capping, the shape of the label needs to be changed accordingly. This will not only avoid damage but also increase the aesthetics.

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Safety precautions of hot melt adhesive labeling machine in case of failure:

1. Precautions for fail-safe operation. 

In the event of a fault, troubleshooting must be done by professionals. Machine operators without training must not perform this work! After the fault is found: stop the machine; Lock the switch to prevent it from being switched on. In order to prevent accidental connection, the machine must not enter the dangerous area until it is locked; it can only enter the machine area designated by the machine manufacturer.

2. Fault indicator during operation 

Fault indicator on the control panel "Basic fault of touch screen" indicator is always on Possible cause Possible method Machine failure, for example: a motor safety mechanism has tripped. Check the corresponding driver and troubleshoot. Press the reset button in the control cabinet. A protective door has been opened. Close the protective door and press the reset button on the control board. "Basic failure of touch screen" indicator flashing possible cause.


Possible solution 

The communication between the touch screen and the variable range controller has been interrupted. Determine the cause and troubleshoot. The fault can only be rectified by trained professionals. The "Reset" light button is always on. 

Possible causes Possible solutions

After the fault occurs and is eliminated, you must press the reset button to perform an auxiliary fault indicator.