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Notification of Resuming Work

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Dear Customer, Partner and our friends:

We had a long and long holiday because of the epidemic situation. During the period, We close our cities , people all stayed at home, our medical care personnels fighted on the front line of the epidemic. 

No one hope virus spreading to the whole world, this is Our Chinese kindness and duty to the world and the people. 

epidemic prevention work.jpg

We are apperciate the people who help and support us in the period, Be together with us.  

We believe the we will get out of the crisis soon . 

Now, We have aready get approved to resume work and production. We all start regular working. 

resume work.jpg

Zhangjiagang paima packaging machinery Co.,Ltd now has already resume work from Feb 20,2020. 

Since it is still in the epidemic period. We do a good job in the daily epidemic prevention according to the goverment regulations.

resume production.jpg

Don't worry and don't be fear. Take everything as usual, the rest things, let China government prove you. 

Keep calm and move on !

Be confidence to us... CHINA... FOR EVER...

Zhangjiagang Paima Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd

Feb 24,2020