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What Problems must be Considered When Labeling Machine is Equipped with Production Line?

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The hot glue labeling machine is more efficient, more labor can be saved, more stable operation, and improved production efficiency. Modern manufacturers pay more and more attention to it. If you want to take advantage of automatic labeling, you must dock the production line. It is recommended that the following points should be considered when docking:

1. Pipeline docking

a. The labeling machine and the guardrail structure of the assembly line ensure smooth docking, and the intermediate transition will not affect the scratching or damage of the items;

b. The speed of the labeling machine and the assembly line is matched, and the speed of the assembly line must be adapted to the speed of the labeling;

c. Automatic separation function or stop structure function of the labeling machine;

d. The linking structure of the labeling machine and the assembly line, whether it is a belt or a plate chain, the gap should be handled reasonably;

e. Considering the overall space, the shrink labeling machine manufacturer can effectively use it without interfering with other production equipment.

f. The labeling machine should consider the shape, size and weight of the conveyed items;

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2.Independent automatic loading and unloading design

If the labeling machine cannot relate to the automatic assembly line, you can also consider designing a relatively independent loading structure and blanking collection structure, which can also take full advantage of the efficiency advantages of the automatic labeling machine.

3.The methods that can be considered for automatic loading are closely related to the form of labeling items.

a. Bottles can be considered for feeding with a bottle unscrambler;

b. Some hardware and plastic parts with characteristics, you can consider using a vibration plate to divide the material;

c. Cardboard shape of each plane, you can consider using automatic paging structure to feed.

The hot melt labeling machine is used in conjunction with the production line. This type of labeling machine has a collective name in the industry: the assembly line labeling head, and the equipment model in the company is: BK-605. It is mainly a type of automatic labeling machine that is externally installed or stands on one side of the assembly line, which can directly support the labeling of the production line plane, uneven workpiece surface or side. Fully automated equipment, can be unmanned online labeling.

In addition to the labeling production of a certain station in the assembly line, in addition to some basic parameters of the assembly line, the following factors need to be paid attention to:

(1) Height of conveying surface

(2) label winding direction

(3) Material running and labeling direction

(4) Production line output and line speed

(5) Conveying direction and operation orientation

(6) Are there any special requirements for connection methods and interfaces at other machines in the production line?

(7) Is there enough space in the production line reserved for the labeling machine?

(8) Is the placement direction (standing or lying) of the object on the production line and on the labeling machine consistent?