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What do I need to pay attention to when operating a 5L edible oil filling machine?

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5L edible oil filling machine is the equipment for packaging edible oil. Nowadays, the variety of edible oil products has become more and more abundant, and the packaging forms of the products have followed endless changes. But no matter what, the edible oil filling machine is irreplaceable. Nowadays, with the continuous progress of technology, the technical performance of the filling machine has a huge increase, especially in the issue of filling accuracy, with strict mastery and improvement. But, in addition, there are many who often may encounter some of the problems to manufacturers in the operation of the edible oil filling machine, pay more attention to the control of the problem.


  First, the edible oil filling machine after turning off has the problem of dripping. Should be operated from the following aspects.


  1, check the filling nozzle orifice is not damaged, take off the filling nozzle refurbishment orifice, the diameter of the orifice should be less than 7.5mm. after repairing the aperture in the water abrasive sandpaper gently polish the orifice plane on it.


  2, check the filling head inside the ball valve is not damaged, damaged and replace the ball valve.


  Second, 5L edible oil filling machine after the start, the crank abnormal operation, how to deal with?


  Edible oil filling machine on the fixed rod down, the syringe push liquid inside and outside the pipe top firm, resulting in the crank can not rotate, should be loosened screw cap, the fixed rod up to move the appropriate position, the screw cap screw tight. If the installation of the syringe produces the inner and outer tubes that are not clean and stuck in the middle, the syringe needs to be removed for maintenance and cleaning.


  Third, edible oil filling machine produces a common fault capacity error, or capacity error is relatively large, what kind of adjustment is to be made?


  5L edible oil filling machine liquid pipe with gas, more press the button switch for exhaust. Liquid inlet pipe sealing is not tight with gas leakage, tighten the coupling tube. Operation or filling speed is too fast, slow down the speed appropriately. The liquid level of the material-liquid cylinder is low, the liquid level should be at 1.52 meters. In the filling of large specifications, the material tank replenishment is not enough, resulting in unstable liquid level, you can increase the amount of replenishment or again adjust the filling head square ball valve, set the filling again to extend.