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Juice beverage production equipment features and operating points

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The main process of small juice beverage production equipment mainly includes the selection of juice raw materials, cleaning, pressing or leaching, and filling. Juice concentrate is a nutritious component in fruits and vegetables, which includes the juice of all parts or some cells of fruits and vegetables. It has a beautiful charm, is easily absorbed by the body and some have other medical effects. Juice can be consumed indirectly or made into various confusing drinks.


  I. Juice beverage production equipment features.

  The juice production line has introduced advanced technology from Germany and is planned by a large juice factory of the United Nations. It has the characteristics of high active function, large fluctuation function, reasonable structure, high juice yield and simple operation.

  The juice production line is suitable for the production and processing of large juice such as apple, pear and strawberry. Through the transformation of some processing equipment, it can also be applied to the processing of carrot, peach, apricot and other juices, which has a wide range of applications.

  Rinsing (rinsing machine) - Fruit inspection (fruit inspection machine) - Rupture (rupture machine) - Pulping (pulping machine) - Juicing (juicer) - Filtration (filter) - Concentration (concentrator) -Blending (blending tank) - sterilization (sterilizer) - aseptic storage (aseptic storage tank) - aseptic filling - product packaging.

  Second, small juice beverage production equipment process and operation points.

  1, selection of materials: should choose a high degree of maturity of the soft fruit as the raw material for the juice, and should exclude fermentation and unripe fruit.

  2, rinse: squeeze material before cleaning is a fierce way to reduce pollution, with skin squeeze juice more attention. Therefore, the precipitates and impurities on the peel must be cleaned with running water. If necessary, rinse with solution, then rinse with water.

  3、Pulping: The juice concentrate production line uses a pulping machine to pulp and peel, and the pulp is wrapped with cloth to press the juice, and the juice yield can be more than 70%. Maybe pour the washed fruit into the juicer to squeeze the juice, and then filter the peel, seeds, and some coarse fibers with a scraper filter.

  4、Preparation: The juice after coarse filtration is diluted with water until the refractive index is 4%. Then, the ratio of 90 kg of juice and 10 kg of sugar is continued to stir to dissolve the sugar.

  5、Filtration: The juice made is separated by the centrifugal filter to remove the residual peel, kernel, some fibers, broken pulp pieces, and impurities.

  6, homogenization: the filtered juice with a homogenizer for homogenization, can further break the fine pulp, to maintain the average turbidity of the juice. The Homogenizer pressure is 1012MPa.

  7, sterilization and cooling: juice concentrate using high-temperature sterilization and other methods of sterilization, sterilization formula for 5'-10'/100, and then quickly cooled to below 40.

  8, small juice beverage production equipment filling and sealing: the juice is heated, filled at a temperature of not less than 80, and quickly sealed.