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The process of screwing cap part of aerated beverage filling machine

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The aerated beverage filling machine includes the function of rinsing, filling, and capping in a three-in-one function, and it is possible to make a station filling machine with only filling and capping. The outside is equipped with automatic capping equipment, which automatically starts the fan and automatically caps when there is a lack of capping. Used for bottled, pure water, mineral water, mountain water, and mineral water production equipment, the whole production process includes blowing bottles, water purification, water disinfection, water filling, water packaging, and other parts. The machine can be used to produce small bottles of water up to ml, and can also fill large bottles of water. It is mainly customized according to the customer's bottle size.


The whole machine is closed by a sealing window, the height of which is higher than the high point of the machine, with proper channels at the inlet and outlet of the bottles, and the exhaust slot at the bottom of the sealing window. Filling adopts the pressure filling method. After filling, the filling valve rises and leaves the mouth of the bottle, and the bottle enters the capping machine through the transition wheel of the bottleneck. The capping machine has a stopper knife that snaps onto the bottle neck to keep the bottle upright and prevent rotation.


Let's understand the process of capping part of the gas beverage filling machine.


The cap screwing part screws the cap which is sorted out by the capper onto the bottle which is filled with product and sent to the later process by the conveyor chain. The cap unscrewing machine drives the rotation of the rotary disc through the reducer. It makes the cap leave the hopper through the outlet under the centrifugal force. There is a positive and negative cap separation device at the outlet, when the negative cap passes, the cap automatically falls into the return pipe and the negative cap is automatically blown into the hopper by the wind.


Only the positive cover can go into the chute smoothly. The amount of cover in the hopper is automatically detected by the photoelectric switch to control the cover delivery machine to ensure the effectiveness of the lower cover. When the positive cover enters the chute it can enter the feeding cover tray smoothly. In order to prevent accidents, an anti-back cover dial is configured on the chute at the same time to ensure that the correct cover enters the feeding cover tray, and a pair of photoelectric switches are also configured on the chute to stop the main machine immediately when no cover is detected. In order to effectively reject the bad cover without an anti-theft ring and the remaining cover when cleaning the hopper, there is a movable outlet directly opposite the hopper exit to meet this function.