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Talk about the rinsing process of bottled water 3-in-1 filling machine

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Nowadays, people's demand for water quality is constantly improving, bottled water 3-in-1 filling machine has been recognized by more and more people, in the community of large and medium-sized enterprises have applications. But want to ensure the long and stable operation of pure filling machine equipment, its proper maintenance is very important, today I will take you to understand the filling machine rinsing process is how it.


Generally, the bottled water three-in-one filling machine rinsing process has seven, the first step is to pre-rinse, the second step and the third step is basically the same, are using lye to rinse. The fourth step is to drip water, after dripping water to rinse with backwater, which is the fifth and sixth step of the operation. After that is the use of the disinfectant solution for disinfection, this process requires roughly three steps of operation. The last step is to drip again, after which the finished water can be used directly.


Understanding how the bottled water 3-in-1 filling machine rinsing process, I believe it will also deepen your impression of the filling machine. Through the flushing to ensure the normal working efficiency of the equipment, if the user wants to ensure the quality of water from the equipment, you need to understand the content of the daily maintenance of filling machines need to do what work to achieve better benefits.


      Daily maintenance points.


  1. Keep the three-in-one filling machine pipeline clean, all pipelines, especially those in indirect or direct contact with the material, should be kept clean, weekly scrubbing, daily water walking, each time to sterilize;


  2. Ensure that the three-in-one filling machine is clean, its material tank should be brushed and sterilized to ensure that the parts in contact with the material can not have accumulated dirt and bacteria.


  3. The production process to ensure the biological stability of bottled beverages sterilization is a good method, be sure to control the time and temperature of sterilization to ensure the effect, but also to avoid sterilization time is too long or the temperature is too high to reduce beverage oxidation when the sterilization should be cooled as soon as possible so that the temperature does not exceed 35 ℃ or more.


  The low-temperature filling is a low requirement for beverage filling, in general, drinks are not easy to produce foam in a low-temperature environment, which is conducive to filling. In the liquid filling machine before each work, to use 0 ~ 1 ℃ of water to make liquid filling machine tank and conveying pipeline temperature reduction when the filling temperature exceeds 4 ℃ should first reduce the temperature after the filling operation.


  4. 3-in-1 filling machine using insulation tank, constant temperature filling, so that the material in the filling of the specified time to maintain a certain constant temperature, so as not to cause the liquid filling machine due to excessive temperature changes and unstable work.