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The performance advantages of 3-in-1 Beverage Filling Machine.

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The performance advantages of 3-in-1 filling machine.

1, The equipment can be used according to the characteristics of the glass bottle cylinder lift by the glass bottle top open filling valve, no bottle does not fill, no bottle does not drop the cap, the overall operation is more stable, while the filling head part to increase the alignment device, to confirm the filling alignment accurately.

2、With a perfect reflux system, it can also realize the independent return of air when reflux, not in contact with the material, reducing secondary pollution and oxidation and also speeding up the filling speed.

3, filling valve and material inlet and outlet pipeline without sanitary dead ends while filling valve and pipeline on the reserved CIP interface, easy to clean to avoid residue in the pipeline liquid cylinder and thus affect the quality of fruit wine. And the staggering filling between different flavors of fruit wine.

4、The capping part of the equipment uses a vibrating electric machine capper, the capping is compact, covers an area of small, flexible process changes, easy to operate and maintain.

5、The machine adopts rotating intermittent spraying and rinsing, from incoming bottle transmission, clamping bottle on the shelf, inverted bottle turning over, synchronous bottle spraying until draining out of the bottle into filling.

6、All parts in contact with liquid are made of stainless steel (SUS304) to meet the food hygiene requirements.

7、The equipment adopts unique card bottle mouth atmospheric pressure filling to ensure the accurate sealing of bottle mouth and filling valve mouth, eliminating the leakage of liquid due to bottle not round or bottle skew and bottle wall thinness when filling the bottom of the original bottle.

8、The machine adopts with magnetic clutch screwing head, the torque can be adjusted, so as to ensure the quality of the screwing cap.

9、The equipment adopts Japanese Mitsubishi frequency conversion speed control and Mitsubishi programmable controller (PLC) control to realize automatic control from the bottle into the machine to the whole process of packaging.