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The composition of bottled pure water production equipment

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      Bottled pure water production equipment set wash, irrigation, sealing as a whole, suitable for a variety of juice, tea beverage hot filling production, while replacing a small number of parts, can be used for pure water, mineral water filling. It adopts the advanced micro-negative pressure gravity filling principle, filling fast, stable and accurate, and has a perfect material reflux system, which can also realize independent air return when reflux, without contacting with materials, reducing secondary pollution and oxidation of materials. The machine can meet the technical requirements of hot filling below 95 degrees Celsius, and the filling valve and material inlet and outlet pipelines are free of sanitary dead ends, while equipped with CIP self-cleaning interface and RO water rinsing device for the bottle mouth before capping to ensure that the bottle mouth is free of mold imagination. Adopt magnetic torque type cap screwing head to realize the function of cap grabbing and cap screwing. The unscrewing torque is steplessly adjustable and has the function of a constant torque screw sealing plastic cap. The whole machine adopts advanced technology such as human-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer program control, and frequency converter control. It has the functions of automatic control of cap supply system, automatic detection of filling temperature, high-temperature alarm of material, low-temperature stop, and automatic reflow, no bottle without a cap, lack of bottle waiting, lack of cap stop, etc.

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  The main machine of bottled pure water production equipment adopts frequency conversion belt control, which can be easily adapted to the speed adjustment of production capacity. Micro-electric data control with stable performance makes the operation simple and more humanized. The air cylinder is the filling power, high productivity, simple structure, easy to maintain. The capping part is equipped with the automatic slipping device, and the cap is screwed loosely and tightly appropriately. The filling is more rapid, stable, and accurate, and the equipment is equipped with a perfect reflux system while avoiding secondary pollution and oxidation of drinks, good body structure, complete control system, convenient operation and a high degree of automation. Contact with material parts is made of stainless steel, hygiene, and easy to clean.

  The composition of bottled pure water production equipment.

  ①Water treatment system: quartz sand, activated carbon, sodium ion, precision filter, RO reverse osmosis, ozone generator

  ②Filling system: bottle blowing machine, bottle management machine or bottle platform, empty bottle duct conveying, filling machine, online cap disinfection machine or cap disinfection cabinet, capping machine, cap manager, solid bottle straight conveying

  ③Packaging system: light inspection equipment, coding machine, blow dryer, labeling machine or labeling machine, film wrapping machine or cartooning machine, palletizing machine.