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The Various Types and Uses of Shrink Wrap Machines

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It is almost impossible to complete any shipment without undergoing the packaging process. For small to medium sized goods, the shrink wrap machines always come in handy. This unique set of machines are used to group and protect any item before they are shipped. During this process, each item is wrapped in a plastic wrap film to protect the product from dirt, damage and moisture while they are being shipped. 

In the global market today, there is a wide range of shrink wrap films and shrink wrap machines available to ensure the safe transportation of products and to offer the needed protection. The shrink sleeve label machine is one unique type of shrink wrap machine that is used to differentiate product on shelf. This is another way of improving customer experience. 

Painters and artists alike make use of the smaller machines to wrap and protect their paintings and other artistic works while they are being sent to their clients. However, the larger machines have more industrial use as they run on electricity and are used for packing products such as boxes, video games and other bulk orders. The industrial shrink wrap machines provide protection to bulky products. Also, they are more efficient and saves time. 

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When it comes to choosing a shrink wrap machine type, it is essential to consider the type of product you are dealing with, in addition to what the product being wrapped the requires. You need to be cautious when making your choice. Smaller wrapping machine are suitable for small items such as DVDs and CDs. However, when packing hundreds of items which takes more time to complete, the larger shrink sleeve label machine is ideal. While the smaller machines do not need any permanent installation, the larger shrink wrap machines are faster need to be installed permanently. 

Imagine the wide variety of merchandise available in the supermarkets and the need to differentiate them. This is very important as it makes it easier for shoppers to identify the exact items on their list easier. This is where the shrink sleeve printing machines comes into the picture. 

So far, we have mentioned the two shrink wrap machines types to include the smaller shrink wrap machines and the industrial ones. Now, there are also two shrink wrap sealer types used regularly. They are;

• L-Bar Sealers – They are used to seal and cut the shrink wrap film around the product as the gears undergo a single movement. The plastic film often used by these sealers is the Polyolefin film. 

• Straight Bar Sealers – They are used to seal items such as CDs, DVDs, video tapes and more. A separate heat gun is used to carry out the sealing process. 

Other benefits of the shrink wrap machines include;

• Any air inside the package are removed by the vacuum sealers as the package is passed through a heat tunnel 

• shrink sleeve label machines can handle almost any kind of package shape 

• Careful and efficient packaging of easily spilled items with continuous band sealers

• Ease of packing and ordering of several boxes for mail bagging systems