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Principle and Application of Hot-melt Labeling Machine

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In the bottling lines and packaging machinery fields, a lot of changes have happened to many labeling machines during the last decade. For example: In North America, the pressure-sensitive laber became popular enough that many people have a degree of knowledge about it. 

There are great labels technologies that have a lot of benefits in terms of the label cost, and its performance depends on your products. One of these technologies is the hot glue labeling machine.

The principle of hot-melt labeling machine

The hot-melt labeling machine, also called pre-cut labels, is the best machine for full wrap applications on square or round bottles. the hot melt glue system will spray glue particles on the bottles, trailing the edge of the labels before applying the label on the bottles. 

The advantage of the hot melt cut is the cheap price of labels and the continuous production capacity of the machine. 

In other words, the user of the machine can add stacks of labels at any time during the production without pausing the machine for a second

The finished products of our company must be duly identified and marked, complying with the provisions of the laws of industrial production. To achieve this, there is nothing better than having labeling machines in our industry. These innovative teams provide us with properly identified and aesthetically presentable products to continue the distribution process.

Hot-melt labeling machines, also known as industrial marking machines, are undoubtedly an excellent ally in the industrial series manufacturing process.

This equipment has the objective of labeling objects or finished ones with an anti-counterfeiting labels, brand identification name, barcode, ingredients, etc.

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We can find hot-melt labelers industrial for glass bottles, labelers manual, portable handheld labelers or labels stuck in series. The labeling process, in general, could be divided into manual, semi-automatic and automatic, and its application will depend on the characteristics of the labeling machines.

There are machines hot-melt labelers flat, which are fairly common in the industrial manufacturing market in the USA, the labelers in circumference, the labelers semi-automatic, the labelers automatic gluing and labeling of fusion.

The food and Agri-food raw material industry is one of the most demanded by hot-melt labeling machines, not only because of its brand identity but also in compliance with legal regulations that force the marking and labeling of finished products.

However, in the industries of the health sector, technology, the chemical industry, the electronics industry, and the paper industry, labeling machines are not lacking, due to comfort, hygiene, and branding factors.


Applications of Hot Melt Labeling Machine

Hot melt labeling machine can be used in square or round bottles. For example cheese, soda, water, detergent, milk, kettle, etc.

Main advantages of automatic labeling machines

●Among the main advantages of automatic labeling machines, we can highlight its precision. These machines can place the labels right where you want, configuring themselves comfortably and adapting to different production chains with goods in different formats.

●these machines not only do their job better, but they are also faster. This allows you a greater speed of labeling, and this is essential if we do not want to stop our factory rhythm.

●Since we are talking about adaptability, it should be noted that the automatic labeling machines are fully configurable and can be adjusted from top to bottom or left to right without problems, reaching the label located on the product, batch or pallet.

●Since no applicator adjustment is necessary, the labels can be placed directly on the container. This is normally done when it goes through the production line, since this way we save time and above all, we avoid that the machine is idle.

●Another essential point is the integration in the production line. In this sense, the automatic labelers can be combined without problems with other equipment, such as an inkjet encoder. Compatibility is full and the possibilities are almost endless, being able to print the batch number, expiration date or any relevant 

●Information on the product at the same time that the label is applied.

●And finally, we have to highlight the robust design of these devices, which guarantee their enormous durability. Product labeling is paramount, as informing consumers of the components or ingredients of our products will have a positive effect on the visibility of our brand.

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